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ACTION 8 – Share this ORDER to stop pharmacies, doctors and nurses from administering the Bio Weapon!

PURPOSE: Stop the administering of the Bio Weapon. Save lives!

METHOD: Share this Order far and wide. All the links are active for research purposes. Give this document to anyone who is still administering these Bio weapons, keep a record who receives it. Send a copy of the email receipt to all your local members, so as they know who received what and hold them also accountable to take action immediately. Keep a record if they do not comply. Share this document with people who are not aware of this information. It includes 58 Pages of links containing Evidence. Why is this poison still being given to people? Let's go people, get it out there! Telegram channels emails Facebook , X, Signal etc; as the sooner it gets done the more people we can save!

END STATE: Restore safety to our communities. Protect your fellow people!

Links Pages List Global Federal Order-compressed
Download PDF • 325KB



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