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Research_Banner2.png has been created by a bunch of ordinary, self-funded Aussies, who are standing together to spread awareness and bring attention to a variety of issues regarding the heavy hand and overreach of the government inflicted on the people of Australia.​ We are driven by concerns that Australia is slowly being degraded into a totalitarian hell. We are concerned about the numerous lies being told by the Federal, State, Territory and Local Governments on a number of topics and the march towards the implementation of a Global Agenda which is not in the interest of the Australian People.​​

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27 March, 2024

There has been an alarming increase of Nanotech particles  seen in Gideon’s blood since the last time his blood was looked at on 14 February, 2024.

Click here to view full Australia One Green Room presentation of the new findings and commentary with Gideon Jacobs and Riccardo Bosi.

Images of nano technology in Gideon's blood

Nano 6.png

Did you know we HAVE DISCOVERED evidence of self assembling Nanotechnology Bio-Weapon in people's blood and urine SAMPLES?

Has a Bio-Weapon has been deployed on the people of Australia – both the jabbed and the unjabbed? It this the cause behind all the recent rise in mysterious deaths? It this the explanation for why children are suddenly developing heart conditions of athletes, dying on the sport fields?

Are they literally killing us? All of us?

What are we going to do about it?

Don't believe it? CLICK HERE to view full presentation


Image of hydrogel containing nanotechnology – Dark Field Microscopy blood observation (pictured below)

Nanodust found in human blood samples

Nanotechnology comparison – Live blood vs scientific article (pictured below)

hydrogel containing nanotechnology – Dark Field Microscopy blood analysis

Evidence of self assembling nanotechnology found in urine sample (pictured below)

self assembling Nanotechnology Bio-Weapon in people's blood and urine samples.PNG

Short 15 minute Information Session with Gideon Jacobs
 click here to WATCH

Discussion & full evidence with Gideon Jacobs - Full Presentation
click here to WATCH

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