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Natural products that you can use to assist your body in reducing the effects of being contaminated by nano technology.


Sodium Citrate

You can make your own Sodium Citrate by juicing or making a pulp from whole lemons or whole limes by using a blender. Then add preferably water that has been purified through reverse osmosis. Mix the water and lemon or lime pulp to achieve a consistency that can be drunk. Add small amounts, roughly a quarter of a teaspoon or less, stirring the mixture each time you add the Sodium Bicarbonate and keep stirring it till it stops form bubbles/foam. Once the mixture no longer creates bubbles or foams, the solution is saturated. Don't add any more Sodium Bicarbonate.


This reaction creates two beneficial chemicals. The Sodium Bicarbonate converts the Ascorbic Acid to Sodium Ascorbate and Citric Acid to Sodium Citrate, both being salts. You now drink this solution. It will have an extremely salty taste and if you find it to be too unpalatable, you can add honey, preferably Manuka Honey to improve the taste, but any good quality honey will do.



Information in relation to using Activated Carbon will be released soon.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a general nutritional guideline. This is not medical advice. Please do your own research and if in doubt, consult your trusted health professional.

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