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John Wilson Commo John

Motion for a National Strike

to end the 'belligerent occupation' of Australia


This MOTION is a formal call out to the people of Australia, to support the motion by Commo John for a National Strike to end the belligerent occupation of Australia.

Moved: John James Wilson (Commo John)

Seconded: Riccardo Bosi, National Leader, Australia One Party

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What is 'belligerent occupation'?

A government is considered to be belligerent when its actions have become aggressive or hostile towards those they govern.

Evidence of the Australian Parliament

being a 'belligerent occupation'

  • The discovery of self assembling nanotechnology in both jabbed and unjabbed blood samplesClick here for more information

  • "COVID mandates unlawful" – Queensland Supreme Court Ruling - Click here for ABC News report, 28 February 2024

  • Censorship of scientists and doctors since 2020

  • Silencing of the jab injuries and deaths since the jab rollout began in February 2021 – Go to The Forest of the Fallen

  • Over-reporting of COVID deaths, by recording a "covid deaths" as anyone who died "with COVID" despite suffering from other co-morbidities at the time of death

  • Under-reporting and cover-ups of Covid 19 vaccine deaths

  • Normalising of:

    • SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome)t

    • myocarditis

    • pericarditis

    • heart attacks in young people

    • strokes in young people

    • rise in turbo cancers

    • rise in traffic accidents attributed to "medical episodes"

  • Under-reporting of excess deaths since 2020 – LIZ GUNN & NEW ZEALAND STATISTICIAN EXPOSES COVID EXCESS DEATHS 32%! PART 2

  • More interviews from Liz Gunn 

  • Media collaboration with the Australian Parliament, to instill fear in the people of Australia through COVID pandemic and climate change agenda

  • Proof of rigged elections at council, sate and federal levels – Ballots thrown away in Port Macquarie

  • In 1975 Gogh Whitlam signed the Lima Declaration – with no public consultation, the ALP government of Gogh Whitlam signed Australia up to the United Nations inspired Lima Declaration which required Australia to reduce its manufacturing capabilities by around 30% and to commit to import that amount from other preferred countries. What has transpired in the years since the ALP signed the Lima Declaration is that the 30% target has in fact exploded, with current estimates putting it at more than 90%. That’s a 90% reduction in Australia’s manufacturing capabilities and the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs, all signed away by the ALP with the continued support of the Liberals and Nationals. 

  • tax system that enslaves the people of Australia

  • cost of living crisis

  • housing crisis

  • health crisis

  • Aged care crisis

  • Rollout of 'Woke' agenda in our communities and in our schools

  • Sexualization of children

  • Suppression of the names of the 28 VIP pedophiles – Bill Heffernan 'paedophile list' allegation

  • Dumbing down of school curriculum

  • Corruption in our courts, justice system, child protection and police

  • Misappropriation of taxpayer funds

  • The Voice to Parliament campaign – Australia voted NO. State and territory governments proceed with work to implement Uluru statement of the heart despite result of referendum – Read article from The Guardian newspaper

  • Killing free speech through the ACMA 'Misinformation' Bill – the government decides what is 'misinformation'. – Download the 'Bill' here

  • Poisoned air via chemtrails in our skies

  • Weather manipulation via geoengineering / cloud-seeding – Hydro Tasmania asked to explain cloud seeding in catchment day before flooding

  • 5G - rollout of dangerous technology, out of public sight during lockdown and without public consultation

  • 5G - technology instrumental to the internet of bodies (human bodies) – Read about Wireless Body Area Networks – a New Paradigm of Personal Smart Health (June 2018) 

  • Read more about smart cities Click Here

  • Poisoned food supply via the use of harmful pesticides, production of toxic processed foods and farming of genetically modified fresh produce

  • Poisoning of water supply via fluoride and chlorine

  • Suppression of natural health remedies

  • Promotion of big pharma 

  • Stealing from the Australian people through the 'fines system'

  • Immigration policies ruining our country
    ... And the list goes on and on.

Quote from Riccardo Bosi - Australia One Party


“Professional politicians in the major parties have ruined our country, serving not the citizens of the nation, but representing foreign powers and ideologies, as well as other special interest groups. We must make the choice not between ‘left’ and ‘right’, but between right and wrong.”  Riccardo Bosi, National Leader, Australia One Party

how to support the motion


Sign the MOTION for the National Strike for Australia to show your support so we can proceed to the next stage of Strike Action. First, we need the numbers of support. Spread the word and encourage others to sign. CLICK HERE for more information.


Do it for your children and your grand children – and the future generations of Australia. Finally, educate your family and friends, spread the word and be on the right side of history!


We need MILLIONS of signatures! If you want this nightmare to end... THIS is the EASY option.


STEP 2. Participate in the National Strike

The first strike action has been called for. Watch Commo John explaining the first action with Riccardo Bosi from Australia One Party

If you would like a social media profile pic frame like Commo John's at the top of the page, send us your photo and your email address in the chat window and we will place your pic in the frame and email it back to you.


Finally, educate your family and friends, spread the word and be on the right side of history!

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