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ACTION 2 – Spread this urgent message: Self Assembling Nanotech found in our Blood

The image above is of self assembling nanotechnology that Dr. David Nixon found in his own urine.

We are finding self assembling nanotechnology in every person's blood we observe, using Dark Field Microscopy. Initially, this technology was only found in people who took the COVID-19 mRNA injections, but we now found it also in the blood of those who didn't take it.

We also find rubbery clots forming in blood which is separated from plasma by means of spinning the blood in a center-fuse. These rubbery clots are the same as what embalmers are removing from deceased people around the world.

It seems that all of us are now contaminated. You, your parents, your children and grand children, and it is killing us.

Watch a short 15 minute video discussion click here

Watch the full presentation, including the evidence of the findings click here

Watch Gideon sharing his latest live blood dark field microscopy findings done on 26/03/2024 click here

Download Gideon's pdf presentation using the link below:

NanoTech & Blood by Gideon Jacobs
Download PDF • 27.07MB

More evidence and information are available at the following websites:

To END the belligerent occupation of Australia, find out about the motion for a National Strike click here

Click here to download the image (below) to share the message to the people digitally to open the conversation...



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