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25th April, 2024

ANZAC DAY Live World News with GURU & CAZ


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Anthony J Price


Dan Bongino SLAMS Prime Minister Anthony Albanese & Senator Lambie for being COMMUNIST TYRANTS

Join: @RealLandDownUnder

Anthony J Price


The attack on men:

Fathers, Sons, Brothers. The Family.

A closer look at the challenges faced by young men in relationships and the legal system

Ages 15–24: Suicide is the leading cause of death in this age group, accounting for 36% of deaths.

Ages 25–44: Suicide remains a significant concern, causing 22% of deaths.

The stitch-up: Government enabled Racketeering & Extortion.

The legal system can be manipulated by individuals who make false accusations against men in relationships, particularly in cases of domestic violence. Young narcissistic woman are incentivized to do so. Upon a mere accusation, men are presumed guilty and have intervention orders (IVOs) placed on them, limiting their ability to defend themselves. This presumption of guilt leads to further challenges, such as being forced into men's behavior programs and facing social stigma. There are no woman’s behavioral programs. Woman lying even when proven in court has no consequences.

Anything thee men say to defend themselves is classed as violence and a threat to the default victim, a breach of the IVO.

In the context of family courts, men also face bias and difficulty in maintaining relationships with their children as they are isolated away from the men and their families.

The separation of criminal and family court systems can lead to inconsistent outcomes and prolonged legal battles, further adding to the emotional and financial burden on men.

These experiences can contribute to feelings of alienation and anger, which, in many cases lead to extremist views or withdrawal from society. They are encouraged by the system to lash out or harm themselves, to give up. It is crucial to address the root causes of these issues, such as holding individuals accountable for false accusations, currently no consequences. Promoting fair and equitable legal processes, and fostering a culture of open dialogue and understanding. ALL DOMESTIC ABUSE AND VIOLENCE IS WRONG. By doing so, we can work towards reducing the tragic loss of life and emotional suffering experienced by many young men today.

In return the woman and the family.

This attack is all by design.

They want us divided.

Anthony J Price


Albanese claims he wants Australians to "keep more of what they earn".

But this is pure misinformation. Government propaganda to hide the truth.

Latest ABS data shows that the Taxation as a percentage of GDP has hit a new high of 29.5% of GDP

The facts that under the Albanese regime, Australians are keeping less of what they earn as the government takes more.

And Albanese wants to legislate a government run Ministry of Truth to censor "misinformation" from the public.

And no wonder the government is so hostile to X (Twitter) as they hate their lies & misinformation from being exposed.…

Anthony J Price


You are treasonous mungrel dog Albo, I hope justice for all Australians people will come soon

Anthony J Price


Remember folks, when creating #Albomemes, there is to be absolutely no pasting of his head on to someone else's body. Don't hate me, I don't make the rules. Take it up with #eKaren.

As you were.

Melissa A Ged


Check out John Wilson’s speech at My Place Coast Coast meeting this week…check it out

Erika Maria


Source Creator Bless Get to your Councils and write letters to GOV

Kev Newton


They are shit scared of FREE people standing up for their freedom and God given human rights.

Erika Maria


We are in deep shit if we as Aussies don't stand up together today

Waldo Where's


GOV CORP An administration failing to pass the test unapproved counterfeit.

Elly El



916 have been rehomed but 640 have gone to a knackery, 1,336 have been aerial shot because the politically and financially very powerful lobby group that wants to eliminate all the Brumbies managed to persuade the government to reintroduce aerial shooting into the plan!

Kevin Albany


We will hold those cops and politicians accountable for their violence against we the people.. Nurembergtrials

Jenny Owens


Never forget what they did to us. The footage is out there. Arseholes.

Jenny Owens


Albo doing a Biden, falling down falling down

Gavin Hunter


So they didn’t take down the videos of the so called Chinese people dying in the streets on social media, but now they’re worried about what we watch

Wendy MG


Stop paying bills for resources we already own.

Credito ledger

Elly El


Attention is being made WORLDWIDE of THE METHODS of EXTERMINATION in the Snowies are being mowed down like flies from a gunman in a helicopter!!! SHAMEFUL!!

Dan Tilders


Lest We Forget The Animals that served

Bobdan Industries


#Government #WeBlameYou

Milan Nikodijevic


Hows the USA Military flying over the States with call signs CABAL

Kev Newton


Normal Italians never wanted to fight. The country was split between Fascists and Communists, then the ordinary people in the middle. They just wanted a peaceful life.

Erika Maria


We don't want Communism in this country

Eve Zhu


Those were the days before Australia became the most fluoridated country in the world. What changed?

Skye Clarke


Imagine Jackie Lambie in jail telling everyone to act like bloody adults

Gavin Hunter


I posted about the Brumbies being shot and the reactions all disappeared.

I’m thinking someone is playing funny buggers lol

Kev Newton


Since when is free speech a 'dictatorship'?

Gavin Hunter


The politicians aren’t brave enough to come on your show!!

Gavin Hunter


These brave men fought and died for freedom and it’s been given away slowly ever since

The hypocrisy isn’t wasted on me!!

Gavin Hunter


The Americans are saying that we are now a communist country.

Bobo Indigo


Now we fight without guns amazing isn't it

Ronia Bourke


Anyone struggling with low energy, aches, etc, we've been smashed with solar flares this week. They're now hitting our atmosphere and can affect your body and sleep. Rest if you feel you need rest...

Ross Epps


The alliance definitely in control to make them look like clowns

Evelyn Jones


Noticed at the dawn service more young ones are attending the service

Peter Brailey


The Diggers Generation Now!

Peter Brailey


That was awesome Caz, Thankyou

Dan Tilders


We Will Remember Them

Jenni Dean


He shouldn't have said, stop the mean memes. They're going wild since he said that. Very funny

Wendy MG


We will fight on for the beautiful souls that were sacrificed by the evil in war.

Stephen Pryse


Wade from Billboard Battalion did a great broadcast today from Albany and called out Each way Albo as a traiter and Jackie got a spray and the RSL

Bobdan Industries


Thanks for being with us on this special night for our Anzacs. Love to you all see you all tomorro night same time. xxxx

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