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Welcome to our community of ordinary Aussies doing extraordinary things to expose the truth across the geo-political landscape in Australia and worldwide. We are the 'new' media committed to truth and transparency.

ABOUT US is driven by a bunch of ordinary, self-funded Aussies, united by their passion to spread awareness about the ongoing Government overreach and disintegration of Australians' fundamental rights and freedoms, into a totalitarian communist state, as is being observed around the world – which is not in the interest of the people of Australia! Now, with an International audience, we remain committed to delivering peaceful, lawful exposure of truth and awareness with the utmost respect for transparent and authentic broadcasting of our legitimate concerns about the Federal, State, Territory and Local Governments actions.

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Watch our World News with Guru and Caz, Monday to Friday to stay across all news, events and information, Get active across our many initiatives, and/or research to learn more.

LET'S UNITE FOR our australia

Here is a short reminder of what we have all endured and why we are uniting all Australians to speak the truth, take peaceful & lawful actions to return our Australia to 'we the people'.  

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