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PURPOSE: Contact naturopaths around Australia to inform them of the nanotech bio-weapon contamination that has been found in our blood and urine samples and ask for a live blood analysis. Imagine the impact we could have if people all over Australia started writing to all the naturopaths, asking them to look at live blood samples to see if what Gideon says in his presentation is really true? This action could have a MASSIVE impact on getting this message out to the people of Australia. It will also inform the PEOPLE WHO CAN HELP US FIND A SOLUTION, so they can get to work! It's worth asking how much it would cost, even if it does end up being out of your price range. The purpose of this action is to get this important message in front of naturopaths. Once they catch on... who knows how far this message will go? METHOD: Use this email template as a guide to craft your own email to send to a naturopath near you. 

END STATE: Australia wakes up to the truth of the nanotech bio-weapon that has contaminated us! All because YOU took action!

PLEASE NOTE: Not all naturopaths use dark field microscopy – they must have a microscope powerful enough

Hi (Naturopath Name Here),

I am interested in having a live blood analysis done and wondering how much you charge?

I do not need a full report, I would just like you to look at my blood to see if there are any anomalies present – and that is all!

I recently watched an alarming video about nano particles that are being found in people’s blood and urine samples and want to find out if it’s true.

Here is a link to the video I saw…

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!

(Your name here)

Naturopath Email
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