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Stage 3 - Resources

Congratulations! You are one of the 0.1% of people who care enough to take action and do something to save Australia.

We are still in the process of linking up with like minded people in our own community. To help you achieve building your local tribe, you will find 3 new tools below.

The first tool is an A4 PDF STRSTL sign you can print as a poster at Office Works or your local printer. You can then attach this poster to a piece of cardboard or Corflute (900mm x 600mm available from Bunnings, cut in half). The Corflute will cost you $6 and having the poster printed at Office Works will cost $12 for a standard poster or $15.50 for a waterproof one. If this is out of your reach or a printer who can print a poster for you is not readily available, then you can copy the poster on card board or Corflute only needing red and black paint and a cheap paint brush. This should cost around $6 all up.

Use this in a group or for the next Meet In The Street event to attract people's attention in your suburb or street.

The second tool is an A4 PDF information sheet you can hand out to people you encounter, or if your finances permit, place in people's mail boxes together with a Meet In The Street invitation.

The third tool is a letter sized leaflet (3 per A4 page) you could either hand out and/or place in people's mail boxes to draw their attention to the ACMA Bill and the website.

Tool 1

Single Sign - Message 1
Download PDF • 435KB

Tool 2

A4 Info_1
Download PDF • 458KB

Tool 3

(Option 1)

The Gov will silence you
Download PDF • 374KB

(Option 2)

Democracy can't exist
Download PDF • 454KB

(Option 3)

Happy with Gov
Download PDF • 506KB


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