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Message to the Government & Agents

We are aware that you are monitoring us! We are NOT terrorists or insurrectionists! We are NOT the ones who locked people down, forced and coerced people to take an untested and unsafe injection or censored people who raised concerns over medical actions forced on us! NO, that was you! You are supposed to serve us, NOT trample on our freedoms! You have turned into a TYRANT, akin to the monsters like Mao Zedong and Stalin! The injections you forced on the trusting people of Australia are injuring and killing people! YOU'RE HANDS ARE SOAKED IN BLOOD! Why don't you rather spend your resources on catching actual criminals like VIP Pedophiles? You know, like the LIST OF 28? WE, THE PEOPLE need YOU TO STAND DOWN! REMOVE YOUR HEAVY HAND FROM THE PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA! We will continue to seek a PEACEFUL and LAWFUL resolution, as protected by our CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED RIGHTS! WE DO NOT ADVOCATE VIOLENCE, NOR ANARCHY, but we will continue to resist as long as you continue to overstep the mandate we have given you! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO SERVE US! YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO INTIMIDATE AND THREATEN US, nor spy on us!

Message by Gideon Jacobs on behalf of the Australian People.



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