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Call from a number ending with ...168

We are going through a process of vetting people.

There are a number of ways you can reach out if you'd like to be verified/vetted.

1) Send a verification request via the CHAT BOX on the website stating your name, surname, email address and if you want, your phone number and more than one date and time you would be available. PLEASE STATE TIMES AS AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time, aka the time in Sydney)

2) Send an email to us if you have received a gmail email from us (email not stated to limit spam attacks) requesting verification stating the same information as in 1) above.

3) Respond to an email from us that has the same heading as the picture above stating the same information as in 1) above. Do not be concerned if you have not yet received this email. We are sending it out in manageable chunks in order to not be overwhelmed.

If you get a call from a phone number ending in 168, you will know the call is coming from us, if you provided your phone number to us.

Concerns: We have received some questions in relation to security of this process. Here follows part of a response I wrote to a Subscriber who raised some concerns: Hi A.... I fully understand your concerns. I hope I can clarify them for you.

1) My computer has not been compromised. The way they block me is via cutting communications on the network to certain IP addresses, specifically the streaming provider Dave uses, based on my MAC address and IP address. I suspect the attack that occurred when my screens went black was done through an X10 protocol or similar method (I can explain this method to you in more detail if you'd like). That was not my computer I used but happened at another location using someone else's computer. 2) Yes, it is me, Gideon, monitoring this email at present until such time as we have moved the website to a different hosting service. This process is underway. The video chat happens over an end-to-end encrypted open source platform. We use open source because many people work on the software and plug any holes or fix bugs. Further, because it is open source one can be sure there are no government backdoors. We further don't record the conversation, for obvious reasons, so there is no footage and because it is end-to-end encrypted, the hosting platform can't record it either. Well, they could, but it would be encrypted and thus of no use.


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