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ACTION 5 – Go door knocking to collect signatures to support the motion for the National Strike by John Wilson (COMMO JOHN) – open until December 2024.

PURPOSE: Over the past 3 years of campaigning, including local council elections, if there is one thing we have learnt, it is that door knocking is BY FAR the most effective strategy in gathering community support for actions like the National Strike. One group of campaigners in South Australia door knocked 63,000 flyers to Onkaparinga Council zone over a period of 3 weeks and gained 9,546 votes for the Mayoral Candidate they were campaigning for. This is an EXTRAORDINARY strike rate for people taking action as a result of an election campaign – ESPECIALLY considering this is COUNCIL elections we are talking about – AND the candidate did not have a profile in the community prior to the campaign. (He lost the election by a mere 280 votes, but that's another story!)Door knocking might sound daunting... but wait until you hear this! The overwhelming feedback from the group of door knockers was that "people who opened the door WANTED to talk - and most people opened the door!" The people have had enough. They had a 90% strike rate. The door knockers opened the conversation with the clever question "Are you happy with your local council?" As soon as they heard THIS... the people wanted to talk. The community was VERY responsive to locals going door-to-door spreading the word of a mayor and his team of councillors who genuinely wanted to make a difference. They had a solid campaign and a strategy – and it worked! IMPORTANT NOTE: We already have enough support for the Motion and the National Strike is now underway. Commo John is keeping the Motion open all year until December 2024 so we can continue to gather signatures and show our numbers. This door knocking campaign will also bring awareness to the campaign so we can get as many Australians on board as possible.

METHOD: We have prepared a "Motion Signatures Door knocking kit" for you to download so you have all the tools you need to confidently go door knocking. So grab a friend and let’s get all BOOTS ON THE GROUND!


END STATE: We gather millions of signatures for the National Strike Motion – and this all ENDS!!

PLEASE NOTE: You can direct people to visit the website to sign the motionOR you can gather signatures on the form provided and email them into the website

National Strike Flyer
Download PDF • 714KB

National Strike Flyer-A4
Download PDF • 721KB

Doorknock Script – Motion
Download PDF • 94KB

Motion Signatures
Download PDF • 32KB



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