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22nd April 2024

monday lunch time special with vinnie eastwood


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Australia The Concealed Colony
Download PDF • 42.44MB

This website has been established by a number of concerned Australian people who have for some time been aware and disgusted about the corrupt and deceitful behaviour of the British Parliament, a succession of British monarchs (including Elizabeth II), other members of the British royal family, British and Australian politicians and the Australian, British and European Courts.

Top comments from the show

Kev Newton


"The more detached we become from their system, the more FREE we become".

Exactly what I have been harping on about for years. Vinnie is spot on.

Barbara Burke


This is brilliant. Can't thank you all enough..GOD BLESS US ALL.

Spazza Lawful


The world's not round or f#@ked!

Nomey Nomes


I've never heard that but it makes perfect fkg sense

Nomey Nomes


Love ya work . I always pay the night show the ne t day as I'm working more an more boys asking questions . Looks like today's special treat for us all to have you on after smocko

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